Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The first steps..

This is the first parkour video I came across some 3-4 years ago before I fully understood what parkour is. This was the catalyst for my decision in becoming a full time practitioner of movement as well as a traceur. It features David Belle the founder of this art, and my hero in movement. The vibe of the French rap rivels the energy of the traceurs. This is one of the videos I keep in my "inspiration library" which I pull from and play regularly. I can't be still after watching it! It makes me do tuck jumps in front of my computer! When I close my eyes I return to vaults, jumps, and rolls I have experienced in my pursuit of fluid environment interaction. It also takes me to places I have yet to train. It makes me feel connected to traceurs and treceuses globally. Watch, enjoy- for we are all one.

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